Man $20,000 In Credit Card Debt Buys Rolex That Works 20,000 Feet Underwater

NEW YORK – Stockbroker Ryan Pullen who owes over $20,000 in consumer credit card debt just purchased a Rolex watch that, coincidentally, can operate 20,000 feet underwater.  “This thing is amazing!” shouted Pullen, who is a poor swimmer and has never even been snorkeling.  “I mean, look at this baby…. incredible engineering, worth every penny!”  The watch, a special edition Rolex Deep Sea Dweller, costs $16,500 and needs to be wound.  As of press time, Mr. Pullen had already gotten it wet once while washing his hands.

2 Responses

  1. Hahaha…. Reminds me of something I’d read on the Onion. In fact, I had a similar situation personally a number of years back. I bought myself a nice Tag just weeks before getting laid off, while of course still trying to pay down student loans. Sigh…

    • Accidental Fire says:

      I have to admit I love watches but I’ve never paid more than about $100 for one. Us older folks still wear a watch to tell the time 🙂

      Tags are nice, but pricey!

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