I Want To Be Your Financial Advisor, by Winston Sterling Esq.

ATLANTA – I’m at your service!  Investing can be intimidating, scary even.  When you invest with Winston Sterling Esq. you can be assured your money is in good hands and will benefit us both greatly!  I need a new hot tub, so whether it be retirement advice, or asset allocation, I can sit with you and customize a plan to meet our needs.  My Mercedes would hum nicely with aftermarket turbo chargers, so rest assured that I can help you navigate the complicated waters of more sophisticated investment vehicles such as annuities and municipal bonds to meet our goals!  Confused about insurance?  Well my beach house in Santa Monica needs a home theater system, so I will break down your unique life situation and customize an insurance plan that will satisfy both of our needs.

When you want your money to work for us in ways you never imagined, invest with Winston Sterling Esq!

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  1. Awesome. I will indubitably be in touch!

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