Accidental Fire Recommends

Things I like that you might like too!



The Simple Path To Wealth – The only book you really need to read to learn how to get rich.  It’s not like other financial-type books in that it’s easy to read and quite engaging.  Must read.  You can read my full review here.





Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less – Decluttering things from your life is popular these days, but this book goes further and shows how to declutter your life.  It’s about getting your time back, about focus, about learning how to say “no”.





A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy – What goes around comes around.  Seneca and the Stoics got a lot of things right way back in Roman times.  From delayed gratification to minimizing worry, the ancient philosophy of Stoicism teaches lifestyle techniques that helped me achieve financial independence.  Highly recommended.




The Magic Of Thinking Big – This book is equally inspiring and hilarious. It was written in 1959 but the messages hold true today. Elevator summary: Your success in life is largely commensurate with your attitude. It contains all sorts of funny 1959-type examples and vignettes that tend to begin with “One day my secretary was getting me coffee….”  A window into by-gone days but a great book.



Younger Next Year – This is an amazing book that shows age is not a barrier to fitness and health.  Written by a doctor and an older funny dude, they play a great ying/yang and make it very entertaining.  The bottom line – you can get more fit as you age.  I’m proof of that as I’m way faster and stronger than I was in my 20’s and 30’s.








Vanguard – The best, nothing more needs to be said. I’ve been with them since 1997.

FIRECalc – This simple calculator gives you a basic picture of where you stand to position for retirement.  Just enter how much you have invested and how much you’ll be spending each year and it will tell you how often your strategy would have worked throughout history.



camelcamlecamel – This site rocks if you just wanna save some as it tracks virtually every product on Amazon over time and maps out the price data for you. You can set email alerts for specific price targets and let them stalk the product for you instead of having to check back with Amazon all the time to see if what you want went on sale. Booyah.

Ebates – This site gives you money back when you shop at lots of large online stores, at no cost to you.   So if you’re going to use Amazon, you use the same Amazon website, same prices, nothing’s different.  But use your Ebates account link first and you’ll get cash back from certain departments in Amazon’s store.  It’s the same logic as using a credit card over cash – if they’re trying to give you something back (points, miles etc), why not take it!

Use my link to sign up for Ebates for Free and make a qualifying $25 purchase  – you’ll get a $10 gift card like I did!

Swagbucks – This site is similar to Ebates in that you can get money back for online shopping but Swagbucks offers many other ways to make money including doing online surveys, search, and even watching videos.  They also do cool promos with charitable organizations where you get a certain amount of Swagbucks for donating to charity.  Swagbucks payout directly to your PayPal account or you can use them for gift cards.

Use my link to sign up for Swagbucks for Free and I’ll get a little referral bonus at no cost to you!


Fitness & Workout-Type-Things

Strava – The best social network out there because it helps make your body a better machine. Upload the GPS files of your outdoor activities and compare your times over certain ‘segments’ to others and your younger self. I love it when I set a PR because by default a PR means I just got older and faster.  That which does not kill me hurts my friggin’ knees a lot!

Veloviewer – Basically it’s Strava data on steroids and human growth hormone combined. You can cut/slice/dice/dissect your workout data in every way imaginable, complete with great visuals.  You must be on Strava to use this site but it’s free with a paid option for more functionality. Fitness buffs and math geeks unite – form of:  DORKS!



TeamViewer – TeamViewer lets you run any one of your computers from another, or even a tablet or phone. It simple rocks and I can’t imagine life without it.





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