Blogs That Rock

I’ve been a longtime student of many FIRE-type blogs out there, there are so many good ones it’s sometimes too much to read. Below are some of my favorites, but check back as will update this page when something tickles my fancy…..

Our Next Life – This is probably my favorite FIRE blog. Amazing writing. Smart & pragmatic advice. And she does a great job of thinking out the non-financial aspects of early retirement, such as the possible loss of identity and reward that our sucky jobs give us.

jlcollinsnh – The financial guru that keeps it oh-so-simple. If you’re serious about FIRE and you don’t read his book, you’re not serious about FIRE. Just read it. His blog is excellent too and he’s a funny guy.

Mad Fientist – Another financial guru. He gets into the nitty gritty details if you’re willing to dig in with him. And his podcast is one of the best out there.

Mr. Tako Escapes – Mr. Tako writes plain and clear and has really solid investing advice.  He’s not a pure index fund investor, he uses other strategies as well but always writes solid content.

1500 Days – This guy is just a trip. If you dig into my blog you’ll see that I try to keep it light and funny too, but this guy is funnier and drinks way more beer than I do.

Mr. Money Mustache – One of the originals in this space and the one that grew to U2-like proportions. Awesome writing, great lessons, and a great forum community. Since I’m a sometimes-competitive cyclist and MMM rides bikes a lot, I’d like to challenge him to a race one day.

The Happy Philosopher Doctor, amazing writer.  He has a great take on life an he’s a guitarist so he’s automatically cool.

Mindful Explorer – Chris is a really cool dude who’s probably more into the outdoors than even me. And he’s an amazing photographer. Not really a FIRE blog per se, but he does write about simple living and a work-less/play-more lifestyle

Semi-Rad – This is definitely not a FIRE blog or related in any way to finances etc. Brendan is an awesome writer and a funny dude, and the blog is mostly focused on all things outdoors with a lean towards climbing and mountains.

Rockstar FinanceA tremendous resource for all things money blogging including a massive directory of financial related blogs