Monthly Archive: November 2017


My Semi-Retirement Anxiety Problem

So if you’ve been following my story you know that I reached financial independence a couple of years ago and ‘semi-retired’ to part time employment this past October.  You could call this a mini-retirement, sabbatical,...


My Spreadsheet Is Family And I Love Her

In my recent Accidental Fire Journey post, I mentioned how I started my investing career after stumbling across an issue of Money magazine, in 1995.  I subscribed and devoured every issue.  Remember that the world-wide web...


Executive Demands Executive Limo

WASHINGTON D.C. – According to local reports, hot-shit executive Brandon Wythe has demanded executive limo service for his trip to the airport tomorrow.  Wythe was apparently still livid about his last limo service which was...


The Accidental FIRE Journey

It was suggested that since this is a new blog I should probably give a bit more detail about my story.  My “Start Here” page covers to purpose of the blog but I’d like to...


The Original Dirtbag

If you’re not a climber, you’ve probably never heard of Fred Beckey. That’s understandable, it’s a fringe sport and famous climbers are few and far between to the general populace. It’s too bad since climbing,...


Dead Man Walkin!

About six weeks ago I transitioned to part time at my job. Not 32 hours a week, not 24, but I went down to 20.  I’ve been FI for quite a while now, but I...

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