What I’m working on:

  • Pursuing leads and opportunities from FINCON 2018. It was an amazing event and there’s so much to do!
  • Continually working on my online graphic design side-hustle.
  • Books I’m now reading (never just one….)
  • Still working on using Reddit, and making progress. My data posts do well.
  • This blog. I’m continually evaluating new post ideas and where I want to take it.
  • Running and Cycling at least 10 hours a week.  One or two days of rock climbing mixed in with pull ups and forearm work.
    • I’m failing here.  Dealing with some sciatica in my legs that’s slowing my running down and making it painful. Ironically, cycling is fine.
  • Just completed my fourth custom logo design project for a new podcast. This is actually kind of fun, but I’m still nervous about it #impostersyndrome

This page was last updated on October 19th, 2018

Inspired by Derek Silvers