What I’m working on:

  • In Colorado climbing 14ers!!  (could this be the year!?)
  • Continually working on my online graphic design side-hustle
  • Books I’m now reading (never just one….)
  • Preparing for a trip to California in August to climb Mt. Whitney
  • Getting started using Reddit, not sure if I need another site to be on but if I like it I might ditch others.
  • This blog. I need to write some serious material to keep it alive while I’m away on trips.
  • Running and Cycling at least 11 hours a week.  One day of weights mixed in per week but I’ve been slacking on that.
  • Working on a self-belay set-up to go rock climbing by myself since none of my climbing friends are semi-retired like me 🙂

This page was last updated on July 17th, 2018

Inspired by Derek Silvers