Area Savant Pays $62.73 For $40 Item On Sale For $29.99

EERIE, PA – Local savant Kent Dreyfuss is blissfully unaware he’ll wind up paying $62.73 for NASCAR Heat 2, a video game regularly priced at $40 and on sale for $29.99, according to local reporters.  “I’ve been waiting for this one to go on sale for a while now and this is sweet, ten dollars off!” said Dreyfuss, who charged the game to his Visa card that has a balance of $13,647.22, a 17.43% interest rate, and a minimum monthly payment of $28 as of press time.  “Can’t wait to fire this one up with some beers after shopping on Black Friday!” commented Dreyfuss as he loaded his bags into his truck.

6 Responses

  1. Team CF says:

    haha, this is too sad for words……

  2. winningpersonalfinance says:

    Credit cards are a winning strategy…until you forget to pay the bill in full. Sadly, there are many cases where your example actually happens.

  3. Chris says:

    You just described what I call the 80%

    Are you from Eerie ? I’m down in a Reading, PA suburb

    • Accidental Fire says:

      Ha! Or is it 85%?

      No, I used Eerie because I always got a kick out of the name. It’s very downtrodden if you haven’t been. It’s name fits perfectly 🙂

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