Frugal Failure Packs Lunch For Work Using Takeout

SAN FRANCISCO – In a failed attempt at frugality, area resident Jeff Mayer started bringing his lunch to work, using takeout service Grubhub. “All the personal finance blogs recommend bringing lunch to work to start saving coin”, he commented. “So I figured I could hack that and use Grubhub, and just buy it the night before – booyah!” Mayer paid $15.35, including tip, for a black bean burrito from local hot-spot Mucho Burrito for delivery to his small studio apartment Tuesday night, then packed it for lunch to bring to work on Wednesday.  As of press time he has yet to comment on his increased savings but expects them to appear soon.

4 Responses

  1. Don’t cha love it when you’re stuck without food and hungry as hell? I want to be healthy come lunch time, so I create the giant salad at the work cafeteria, get to the check-out, and it rings up $11 and change!!! ARGH!!!! Resorting to packing just about any leftovers and scraps in the fridge I can find now…

    • Accidental Fire says:

      Ahh yes, the big salad. You wouldn’t think salad would weight so much right? I think I’ve actually topped $11 before myself!

  2. ha ha when I read the title I thought “this person reads The Onion.” You’re only cheating yourself my friend. lol!

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